Bitter sweet date night

We had a rare date night last night!

Well, we went for a quick drink.

He shouldn’t drink on his meds and I do get all disapproving about it when he does.

But selfishly I wanted him to have a drink.

Loosen up a bit.

Like he used to be.

And it was lovely, we chatted and giggled.

Even held hands don’t you know!


….Snogged in the street.

With tongues.

I believe in date nights. We don’t have them enough as we don’t have the baby sitters to hand, but the mother in law was up so we took our chance.

Sadly, in the night as the White wine left his body, the worries came streaming back in.

He was up from 3.30am – 6pm.

Disturbed sleep is a trigger for him so today we’re on tenterhooks. The grey face is back and the sunken eyes (last night he looked sparkly).

Thankfully me and kiddo are out most of the day swimming and at a barrage of kids parties so he can get some peace.

At this moment as I write this  I do think the date night was worth it, whatever today may bring.


2 thoughts on “Bitter sweet date night

  1. I hope it was worth it Maggie. How very hard for you, the memories of how it used to be but all the while knowing you could regret it later 😦 thinking of you xx


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