How much is a tooth these days? Spoiler: angry post

I’m only 36, but in my day the tooth fairy flew in, took your sugar encrusted pearly white and left you 20p or 50p ( if it was a ‘big’ one). 

Now little F has just started to loose hers, I thought I’d better check out what the Tooth Fairy is up to in this millennium. 

Anna’s on tooth fairy lookout
 And then I found this website which said…

“Losing teeth is a rite of passage. Make the occasion extra special with these fun Tooth Fairy ideas.”  


But surely periods are a proper rite of passage, what with joining the fertile gang and all that. And I know no one who gets a gift or personalised tampon each month. 

So let me get this straight, I have to do something special EVERY time she loses a tooth from from now on? 

Oh no. I feel elf on the shelf pressure building. (Don’t get me started on this one).

The problem is, that  if I do something once, she WILL remember and expect it EVERY time. She’s like an elephant.

 I sound a bit grumpy and I don’t really mean to be. I’m super proud of my daughter growing up and everything that goes with it – including teeth.
So, having looked a little into this teething phase 2 phenomenon, I’m thinking that these personalised books, fairy pillows and initialed drawstring bags are a bit, naff.

And hassle.

In our house we function better when things are simple. the added stress of finding where we left the &@£!ing drawstring bag each time, would not be healthy. 

Plus, it’s me, alway me, who embellishes our family life with the nice-to-have stuff, Hub  just can’t handle the extra thinking.

 So for now I’m going to pick and choose what ‘traditions’ we do. And I think a £1 per tooth is fine, it’s a 500% increase  from my day – and enough for her to buy a Shopkin toy. 


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