Hub update: 4th week off sick (but it’s good)

Our environment is changing. I’m seeing glimmers of positivity and optimism returning to my husband.


This is the longest stint he’s ever had off work and thank God/heavens/lucky pants* his work are seeming to be amazeballs at handling this episode

*delete as appropriate

He’s visited work today to see the Occupational Health people. They don’t want him back until his other docs give him a Fit For Work paper. And suggested he goes back 2/3 days a week – Mon, Wed, Fri.

Previously he’s spoken to the boss man. And the boss man’s boss. AND the boss man’s boss’s deputy (still with me? i.e. important people). They have ALL been so incredibly supportive and each department continues this theme.

<insert relieved happy face>

Mind-logoThe company’s charity is Mind, so I expected them to be very sensitive, but i have to admit that they have exceeded my expectations.

How clever is my husband, to be SO good at a job, where the company are mature and brilliant enough to take mental health just as seriously as the work they actually do?!

We’re still early days, but today I have had three updates from my husband before 11am

  1. Sent me a picture of his Xmas themed coffee cup on the train (Slang for he’s feeling positive)
  2. Sent me an email update straight after meeting with his work (feeling uplifted enough to be bothered to write)
  3. Sent me a ps note ( see below and make your own conclusions)

Yes. His work has a ‘library’. More like a few books on a shelf to be honest!


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