Want more date nights? Start Twitter and blogging

Well this is embarrassing.

I started @immagicalmaggie Twitter and blog about 5 weeks ago.

Previously, we rarely had date nights. The ‘relationship’ books says we should, but we didn’t…babysitters, cost, hub’s bipolar. Blah blah blah.

Anyway in this last month since he’s been signed off sick, and I’ve started this social media thing, we’ve had 4.


Yes, four.

And two lie-ins.

Cinema date 3/12/15. Involved cuddling and hand holding.

Twitter and WordPress should really  have this is as their USP (unique selling point).

I wonder what would happen if Magical Maggie had a Facebook page or, even Pinterest…..


Lottery win?

Miraculous cure for Bipolar?

What it is proving to me is that by talking a litte more openly, and in this case, asking family to help us through my hub’s latest episode, we’re getting time for US.

And I think it’s helping – especially with the sleep deprivation.

Big thanks to Hotel mum and dad who have had little F (and me) for the odd night here and there.

I hope I’m as ace as them when I’m 66.


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