I had a car accident today, is this what Bipolar feels like?

Firstly, I’m fine. No injuries.

Just a roller coaster of emotions and I feel….


To start with I was following a car who was sooooooo slow. I’m talking 15-20mph.

Cars this slow in a 40mph zone are ANNOYING.

I was HAPPILY singing to the radio but It was 3.15 so I was running late for school pick up. 

I was feeling a bit ANXIOUS too.

He broke gently. Then hard. Then sped up. Then stopped! Then drove on, slowed, sped up and then stopped.


I went into the back of him. I now felt ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. What the hell was he doing? 

We got out our cars and he instantly was shouting and effing and jeffing at me.

Now I felt INTIMIDATED, slightly SCARED, I was shaking and PANICKING about picking my daughter up on time.

I’ve never had an accident before so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was supposed to do. 

I now felt NERVOUS so had to call mummy friends to collect my daughter and my husband to see what I needed to do.



The driver’s car had minor scratches. I need a new bumper, lights and number plate. 😦
 I tried to hold a stiff upper lip (how British) and was pleased when I could leave and get home.

But this all happened in just a few minutes and I feel utterly shaken and needed a lie down.

Is this a concentrated emotional roller coaster of how Bipolar sufferers, like my husband, feel?

Well if it is, it feels rubbish!!!!! Totally sucks. 100%!

Initially my husband was more concerned about the car, then me. He was great sorting everything out with the insurance but did tell me to pull myself together and move on.

I said “what if I said that to you?!”

He nodded, gave a knowing smile and hugged me. A moment of mutual understanding perhaps?

I just wish it didn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds. 


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