Our 999 call…

Finding your husband slumped over his car’s steering wheel in a dark car park ain’t that much fun. Here’s what happened last Thursday… 

My hub has been doing great.

He’s on a phased return to work, has lost over a stone in weight and being his old self. 2016 is looking good.

But we had a blip.

This week were told that our 5 yo daughter may have a disorder on the autistic spectrum #asd

It’s not surprised us as such, but it’s rocked us. And it was after his last day in the office, on the train reading about Pathological Demand Avoidance that when my hub left the train got to his car, he rang me.

Hi babes. I really don’t feel well. I’m shakey and my legs don’t feel connected to my body.

I told him to sit tight and we’d come and get him – I just need to get our daughter in her pjs first. I said if it gets worse, call 999 if you think it’s that bad.

I got to the station car park as quickly as I could in our other car. I couldn’t see him in his car.

I parked and opened the passenger door.

I saw a pale grey sweaty version of my 6’4″ hub slumped over the wheel, with his phone clamped into his hand. Someone was speaking at the other end.

He’d called 999.

I tried my best to keep him awake.

He was mumbling our daughter’s name repeatedly and would wake up to look at his hands and then fade again.I wasn’t scared though.

I was on the phone to the ambulance and I went into automatic and pragmatic mode.

I was aware my dughter was screaming in our other car – she was safe and I’d deal with her later.

The ambulance caller was asking about my hub’s bipolar meds. I have no idea what he’s on. They change so much.

I suddenly felt helpless, but then the blue lights appeared. It took them 9 minutes to reach us.

They took over and I went to mydaughter and calmed her. I called my mum to come and fetch her.

After a while the paramedic came to me in the car and said that he’d had an enormous anxiety attack:

  • Locked legs
  • Locked jaw
  • Blue hands
  • Clammy
  • Unable to speak
  • Confusion
  • Dizzyness

It wasn’t a stroke. But his symptoms were real – and scary. She told us he did the right thing to call.

When he came round, he was so appologetic and shaking the 3 pramedics’ hands in thanks! That’s so my husband! 😍

We don’t have a diagnosis for my dughter but we have been worried this week – and read too much scary stuff on the web. He’d just been reading bout autism on the train which my have triggered something.

It’s true what they say – ignorance is bliss!


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