I got my Bipolar hub to score his birthday gifts!

What do you buy someone who wants everything and nothing? Here’s review of 6 gifts I bought my hub (whose birthday is today 🎉 !)

I started with one of his triggers – lack of sleep and worked from there.

(Pics clockwise from top left)

Gadget wipes £1.98 from Amazon  7/10

He spends so much time on his phone for work or on the laptop, i thought these would be quite useful. they’re still in their packaging though 1 month after Christmas. 

Dream Pillow Mist 100ml £6.15 from Boots 6/10 

As sleep is a trigger, ANYTHING that may help was a winner for me. This may seem a bit girlie, being lavender flavoured, but he squirts this every night onto our bed. It’s quite strong, but he likes it.  

Men’s Health magazine £3.99 4/10 

As we’re both on our new health kick, i thought this may inspire him. He’s read it and enjoyed the articles, but wasn’t that fussed. 

Lumie Body Clock Starter 30 £49 from John Lewis 10/10

The best thing EVER. I bought the lowest one in the range, and it’s great. You set the alarm for the time you want to wake and a light gradually gets brighter on the premise that by the time the alarm goes off your body is awake. It works! More for me, than him at the moment, but you can also do it in reverse (sunset) which really helps us unwind and drift off to sleep. 

Sleep Well Bath Tea £5.25 from Holland and Barratt 6/10

Mah! Neither here nor there on this one. He does like a bath, but again, he’s not used this one yet. I’m sure it will get used at some point. But does it help.work? Don’t know. 

Personalised 500 piece jigsaw – £25 from Photobox 10/10

This was my mum’s idea as she knows he can get up for hours in the night and let his worries affect him. She thought this would be good to concentrate on if he did get up. So I created a montage of family meaningful pics into a .jpeg file and Photobox created the jigsaw. It’s really fantastic and he was very moved when he opened it. He’s started it already – it’s quite addictive!        

Don’t think i too bad! Yay for me!

Please add any ideas below – Christmas is only 11 months away 😉


Thanks for reading! x

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