Hub update: 11 sure signs he’s stablising

Hello Houston, we have lift off! My hub is definitely stabilising and I’m bloody loving it!

*crosses fingers so as not to jinx it*

Ok so we had our 999 Emergency call thing last month, but he bounced back bouncier than a rubber ball on a trampoline, so here are 10 signs I’ve noticed recently which makes me think that perhaps – PERHAPS – we’re on course for a bit of stability. Continue reading “Hub update: 11 sure signs he’s stablising”


What really needs to be done to #endstigma

*Nervously gets on soap box*

End Stigma…. Fight Stigma……Argggggh!!!  The word Stigma is actually causing more stigma. And it’s infuriating….. Continue reading “What really needs to be done to #endstigma”

Cancer advice suitable for mental health support


“Oh HOW inconsiderate of her” you may say. But the social exclusion my husband and I feel from not being able to talk about his condition feels really cruel sometimes.

So I got to thinking about people I’ve known with Cancer and how they’ve wanted close friends to support them, but some just couldn’t. Continue reading “Cancer advice suitable for mental health support”