Our 5 YO going to sleep at 9pm is saving our relationship

Sleep deprivation is top notch cruelty. And i can honestly say that for the first 2 years of F’s life I was pretty much awake for 90% of it. Then throw into the mix a husband who’s Bipolar trigger is lack of sleep and BOOM, welcome to MoodyShitsVille.

The last 3 years have been better, but she’s still not a keen sleeper – up in the night and then up at 5.30am, but this week her sleep pattern has changed. We don’t know why, but the effect it’s having is magical!

She’s sleeping until we wake her at about 8am!

For those of you with kids, or dastardly loud alarm clocks, you will now that AWFUL feeling of being woken before you’re ready to face to the world. But this week, i’m waking on my own terms, in my own time, getting dressed and having breakfast by myself. It’s like old pre baby days!

Those precious minutes getting my schizzle together is working wonders for our family. I have the all important head start and don’t feel like i’m on the back foot.All our moods have lifted, spirits are high (ish), and we’re all sleeping through the night, it’s wonderful!

I think i may be even looking a little younger.

Nah, that’ll never happen.

Will keep you posted on sleep watch!

M x



48 breastfeeding techniques and a knit tit

My best friend is a new mum and she’s finding the mental and physical demands of motherhood tough, especially having a 3 month old dangling from her bruised stretched nipples 24/7.

*winces at the memory*

So I tried to remember some anecdotes from my 9 month stint as little F’s official milk provider to cheer her up. Everything from having a midwife Continue reading “48 breastfeeding techniques and a knit tit”