Catch up poem: ‘2016 so far’

Well hello there January!

Feeling good after last night’s fizz,

We’re copying with hub’s Bipolar,

This year WILL be the biz!


But in Feb the fizz went flat –

Called 999 for hub’s attack of panic,

Worried about daughter’s Autism,

Well, we all felt a bit manic.


Then March came along,

Hub’s condition is handled well,

Daughter having Autism assessments,

I’m too busy to blog, could you tell?


Then April sprung up,

And I wore a lovely crown,

Daughter’s got a possible misdiagnosis???

It turns our frowns upside down!


And now we’re in mid May,

Loaded with coping strategies a go-go,

The three of us seem happier,

We’re just going with the flow…


I know things can switch suddenly,

Moods can change so quick,

But I’m more aware of the warning signs,

So we won’t end up in the sh*t.


Just one more thing to say to you,

The lovely readers of my blog,

THANK YOU for reading and retweeting my words,

You’ve really helped lift the fog.


M x



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