Our Mentally Healthy holiday at Center Parcs

My mum and dad kindly treated us to a family break at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest a couple of weeks ago. In short, we had the BEST time and found everything about it relieved my hub of his, at times, gripping Bipolar and each activity unlocked a pocket of happiness and joy for us all. Here’s our review of a Mentally Healthy Break…

I did love our Lodge’s chalkboard!

“It’s busy” they said. “It’s expensive” they said. “The pool’s rammed” they said.

‘They’ were wrong!

We’d not been to Center Parcs before because we’d heard all of the above rumours. But i wish we’d gone sooner – it was brilliant. With a cherry on top.

What’s not wonderful about waking up in a forest? What’s not beautiful about animals wandering up to your lounge window? What’s not stupendous about enjoying true, stress free quality time with your loved ones?

The second we rocked up, we joined a big queue of cars but we waited patiently to get to the front. When we saw their clever way of directing traffic to check in, i knew it was a good start.

A moron free zone

Everyone was so nice, helpful and had obviously had fantastic training on customer service, because any member of staff we came into contact with was brilliant. Which makes for a very stress free break i can tell you – especially when your 68 year old Dad falls over and breaks his wrist playing badminton and there’s a no quibble refund for his bike hire.

IMG_4381The layout of the pool and changing rooms were great (obviously designed by a woman). With a one way system and plenty of rooms, showers and space it made family changing so easy. Our daughter made life long best friends (for about 30 minutes as youngsters do), abolished any fears about slides and happily whizzed down the small, and bigger ones. My husband bobbed about in the wave pool (although not for long, not a lot of waves sadly) and swam and repeatedly went on the lazy river. He even lost his wedding ring on the rapids, but managed to find it again!!! Major meltdown averted thanks to the Gods of swirly water.


Activities we tried, and loved

  • Family Bowling
  • Archery (hub LOVED it)
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding in the fresh air
  • Playing on the beach
  • Disco dancing every night (at 6.30pm)
  • Nature trails
  • Climbing trees
  • Wall climbing
  • Badminton
  • Short Tennis

There was no time for iPads, phones and laptops. Plenty of wine, food and banter. My husband escaped the stresses of work, enjoyed outdoor living in comfort and mixed with helpful and logical staff, it made for a fantastic holiday.



We had 7 days in a 3 bed executive lodge in Sherwood Forest. Faultless. Thank you CP for the added touches too.

Even housekeeping were utterly lovely too!






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