Coming out at #BML16

You’ll have gathered by now, that I don’t share photos of me or my family here. Instead it’s my trusty hand who’s the face of the blog.

But on Saturday I came out!

I’m not gay. But when I started my blog I wanted to be anonymous, partly because of the subject matter I talk about but also because I just wanted it to be my voice with no judgement from anyone on looks and locality.

I still have no plans to reveal myself on here, which is why all my competition entries were of my hand. I didn’t win any of them. A little left field maybe for the judges?

Friendly and not so friendly experiences at Brit Mums Live

On the whole Brit Mums was brilliantly inspiring and embracing. I loved chatting to people, finding out what we have in common, meeting bloggers who’d I’d been chatting to on Twitter and learning new stuff. One well known blogger was less than enchanting I found. She’s never replied to any tweets I’ve sent to her and  Trying to engage in conversation in real life was met with her back turned to me then pushed in front of me in a queue for the luggage. That was that then. And she has squillions of Twitter followers too.

I was not dejected though. I brushed myself down and found everyone else friendly. But for me, it wasn’t about the quantity of nice people, but the quality of nice people. Ive come away having made 2 great contacts with whom I  (and my blog) have lots in common.

My selfies from the day!….


ice cream liquid nitrog
loads of flavours to choose



It was a great day, and I’d like to thank the organisers for creating a well thought out event.


6 thoughts on “Coming out at #BML16

  1. This is such a brilliant idea to stay anonymous…I also don’t share photos of my face or my family’s faces etc – I enjoyed the slight novelty on Saturday that no one would know who I was but I knew them…except it definitely put the onus on me tracking people down to say hello to them! Glad overall you enjoyed it, shame about some of the interactions but hurray for the quality of the others.

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