Holiday tool kit: screen time, bribes and ice cream

So here we are. Portugal.

With less than 18hrs notice of departure, I was ill equipped with the ‘pc’ mummy toolkit of carrot sticks and colouring in.

For the anxiety ridden chatterbox that is my 6 yr old, I’ve opted for screen time, bribes and ice cream. What?! I want I nice holiday thanks.

So far so good. Bribes of sweets are working and the only reason I can write this whilst drinking red wine on the hotel balcony is because she’s absorbed in Topsy and Tim episode #4,492. Oh how I adore paying my TV license.

Peace. And. Quiet….

In other news, hub is having to do some work, but I have a snack conveyor belt line synced up to him. And in the hotel we’re staying is athlete Iwan Thomas and Gogglebox’s Leon and June. They’re currently watching Andy Murray on the TVs in reception – is that irony or art imitating life? Not sure. Either way, I’m amused. But maybe that’s the wine kicking in.

Photo credit: Iwan Thomas 


This is My Nike moment- Just Do It!

At 4pm yesterday it was confirmed that F’s teacher was going on the National Teachers strike on Tuesday.

By 8pm, I’d booked the 3 of us on a flight to Portugal for a 3 night break leaving TODAY!!

I took the Nike approach and just fucking did it.

It’s not like me. I’m a rules kind of girl so taking F out of school on Monday (because ‘she’s not feeling very well’ wink wink) Is not very me at all.

But we need a break. I need a break. What with hub’s obvious spiralling decline into depression, F having mental health assessments and awaiting Dad’s cancer results (found out he has malignant melanoma- skin cancer- which needs further investigation) I want to sit by a pool and see blue sky, watch a sunset, eat outside, wear little, sleep lots, drink plenty and, feel warmth on my skin.

You get the picture.

So hub called his boss, and his boss said yes but he needs to bring his laptop just incase. Technically for F it’s only one day off because of the strike – I won’t get a fine for that will I? I actually don’t care ( I usually would). I know the benefit of this break far outweighs everything else.

It was either this or I would’ve got my first tattoo – I’m in that kind of mood!!

So to all of you reading this….do something different today, do something for yourself.