Holiday tool kit: screen time, bribes and ice cream

So here we are. Portugal.

With less than 18hrs notice of departure, I was ill equipped with the ‘pc’ mummy toolkit of carrot sticks and colouring in.

For the anxiety ridden chatterbox that is my 6 yr old, I’ve opted for screen time, bribes and ice cream. What?! I want I nice holiday thanks.

So far so good. Bribes of sweets are working and the only reason I can write this whilst drinking red wine on the hotel balcony is because she’s absorbed in Topsy and Tim episode #4,492. Oh how I adore paying my TV license.

Peace. And. Quiet….

In other news, hub is having to do some work, but I have a snack conveyor belt line synced up to him. And in the hotel we’re staying is athlete Iwan Thomas and Gogglebox’s Leon and June. They’re currently watching Andy Murray on the TVs in reception – is that irony or art imitating life? Not sure. Either way, I’m amused. But maybe that’s the wine kicking in.

Photo credit: Iwan Thomas 


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