About us


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This blog has been screaming to get since 2010.

That’s when my daughter was born and my big handsome 6’4″ husband was diagnosed with Bipolar. Eek! *Mental Health Alert *

But just because my entire world changed shape and it’s taken half a decade to get to some sort of ‘normal’, doesn’t mean we’re any less ‘family’, ‘stupid’, ‘funny’ or ‘moany’ than anyone else.

So, here i am – all fingers and thumbs – exploring the world of parenting and mental health in the most positive way i can.

My Family

Oh, and as of February 2016, our daughter was catapulted onto the fun ride of getting an Autism Diagnosis (Pathological Demand Avoidance. Google it). Some say she has, some say she hasn’t, we say she’s bloody gorgeous but a right moody handful at times.

I like Vodka, Amaretto and wine. Intravenously would be preferable.

Anyway, please join me on this journey, i’d love your support and humour.

Maggie x





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