Working at #BML15 vs Attending #BML16

Last year I went to Brit Mums Live with a client of mine. I’d worked on designing their stand, I was managing their Social Media accounts and our team were helping them launch  their product in the UK market.

It was fun and I absolutely loved meeting lots of bloggers and I even crept in to a couple of talks – in between making milk smoothies and giving out squidgy cows. I was in my comfort zone.

But this year i’m a blogger and out of my comfort zone, as it’s me on show this time. I was so inspired by the bloggers i met last year, that when life got tricky for our family in November, i turned to blogging. A real life blogger (albeit a very shiny new one).

So i’ve been on both sides of the fence, and here’s what I’ve learned:

From a brand perspective:

  • Brands are eager to make a good impression on YOU
  • Brands want you to come up, chat and ask buckets of questions
  • New brands will want your business cards
  • Stands are there for YOU, and want to catch your eye on the breaks
  • Good brands understand what you’re there for and the value you need
  • Brands will be looking for engaging bloggers who have similar values/followers to their product so find your common ground
  • People on the stands won’t always be THE people who make the decisions about whether to get a blogger on board
  • Brands are there for awareness, engagement and advertising – the terrific ones will have well thought out competitions

From a first time blogger perspective (even though i know the above):

  • I want to make a good impression
  • I feel nervy talking to brands and celeb bloggers
  • I’m conscious that there will be large groups of people who already know each other
  • My blog is so personal and now i will be coming ‘out’ – and you’ll see ME, not just pics of my hand and fingers!!
  • Despite working in advertising and marketing for over 13 years and creating campaigns you’ve seen in mags or on the TV, and even worked with bloggers who write for brands, this is a total different kettle of fish. A different way of writing.
  • My blog has been my freedom pass to talk to strangers about what goes on in my life. I’ve been so open, it’s been wonderful and i’ve made some great contacts in the last 6 months (*waves to Kathy in Oz*) who go through similar things to our family.

I’m hoping that this Saturday will be a good chance for me to meet like minded people, drink wine and be the real open person I am – a 37 year old girl living with a husband who has Bipolar and a child who displays signs of Autism with Demand Avoidance.

What a shame I can’t be this open with my friends and family. So maybe #BritMums16 will be my new family, accepting of honesty and avid wine companions!




I had a car accident today, is this what Bipolar feels like?

Firstly, I’m fine. No injuries.

Just a roller coaster of emotions and I feel….


To start with I was following a car who was sooooooo slow. I’m talking 15-20mph.

Cars this slow in a 40mph zone are ANNOYING.

I was HAPPILY singing to the radio but It was 3.15 so I was running late for school pick up. 

I was feeling a bit ANXIOUS too.

He broke gently. Then hard. Then sped up. Then stopped! Then drove on, slowed, sped up and then stopped.


I went into the back of him. I now felt ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. What the hell was he doing? 

We got out our cars and he instantly was shouting and effing and jeffing at me.

Now I felt INTIMIDATED, slightly SCARED, I was shaking and PANICKING about picking my daughter up on time.

I’ve never had an accident before so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was supposed to do. 

I now felt NERVOUS so had to call mummy friends to collect my daughter and my husband to see what I needed to do.



The driver’s car had minor scratches. I need a new bumper, lights and number plate. 😦
 I tried to hold a stiff upper lip (how British) and was pleased when I could leave and get home.

But this all happened in just a few minutes and I feel utterly shaken and needed a lie down.

Is this a concentrated emotional roller coaster of how Bipolar sufferers, like my husband, feel?

Well if it is, it feels rubbish!!!!! Totally sucks. 100%!

Initially my husband was more concerned about the car, then me. He was great sorting everything out with the insurance but did tell me to pull myself together and move on.

I said “what if I said that to you?!”

He nodded, gave a knowing smile and hugged me. A moment of mutual understanding perhaps?

I just wish it didn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds. 

The horror of Friday the 13th

Despite our problems, we realise how lucky we are.

Freedom is so powerful.

And even though my hubby often feels his freedom is restricted by his mind, he knows our life is good.

For a few minutes we stood together imagining the horror in Paris.

In a weird way it felt nice to be ‘together’ in similar thought.

Joined, as one again.

Like it used to be.

Thoughts to all in Paris and all the kind human beings in the World.