The ASD PDA Dr will HAVE to eat her hat

After diagnosing F over email – twice, then at the assessment when the doctor said ‘I’ll eat my hat if she doesn’t have PDA’, it’s looking like it’s NOT Pathalogical Demand Avoidance.

Great news! But FFS make your frikkin mind up.

The update is that the Pediatrician and Physcologist have both done reports and whilst there are definite traits of PDA behaviour and F has an elevated risk due to my hub’s mental health and family history, the report will not officially come back with that on it.

Initial feedback suggests her diagnosis will be of an emotional regulatory disorder with presentation of ASD. The good news is that we can ‘reverse’ this and whilst hub is in a good place right now we’re game on to help out little bundle of rocket fuel to get to grips with her explosive behaviour.

We’re still doing a PDA parent training course as we’re mid way through and some of the techniques are helping which can only be a good thing.

There will come a time when we do get official feedback and I’ve been told not to Google it (which I have obvs) and I will get a shit load of guilt and regret. But this isn’t about me or what’s happened in the stressed out early years of F’s life, this is about being the best we can be right now. She needs a bit of help, and we’re here to make sure she flipping well gets it.

Hug your babies tighter tonight people, I know I will.

M x